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About Me

Hi, I'm Julia! I’m a photographer based out of the London Ontario area. I have had a camera in my hand since the tender age of 10. I was gifted a little polaroid camera for my birthday and have been obsessed with taking photos since. My highschool offered a film photography class where I learned the art of film processing, I LOVED it! My dad bought me my first DSLR camera when I was in grade 11 and it never left my side so I started taking photos for the school year book. After beginning the photography program at Georgian College in 2012 I got a bit overwhelmed by the business...where to start? No one wants to hire a 21 year old college grad to shoot their wedding, ultimately defeated I decided to go back to college for culinary, I worked as a chef/pastry chef for a while until I got pregnant with my son (still taking photos all the while). Being a stay at home mom I decided it was the perfect time to actively start developing my portfolio as I grew and gained experience in my field; finding passion and inspiration in life, which led me to where I am today – photographer, mother, wife, chef, and animal lover. Photography let me follow my own path, and I love documenting the adventures I find along the way. Now, I love capturing the shots and moments that will help tell a story of your adventures, your love, your beginnings, your life.


“I press the pause button on your life's most precious moments”
— Julia Works

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